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Searches for $7 Billion in Yukos Offices

The Office of the General Prosecutor conducted a series of searches in the offices of Yukos Oil Company. The searches were made at 88 Zhukovka, ALM-Feldmans Attorneys Office, Trust Bank, OOO Yukos-FBC and Yukos Finance BV.

"Investigations have revealed that during 2000-2003 certain top managers and employees of Yukos Company stole and legalized, by remitting abroad, funds amounting to about $7 billion", says the statement of the Office of the General Prosecutor.

According to the investigators, Yukos employees, in collusion with some lawyers and bankers, have been stealing "the profits from the sale of oil", after which they "legalized the proceeds by paying dividends to ghost companies registered in some foreign countries".

"In connection with a criminal investigation of the case involving the legalization of funds illegally procured by some employees of Yukos Oil Company in collusion with other persons, searches and seizures have been made at a number of financial/investment and law institutions", reads the statement.
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