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US-Russia tug of war over Rukban refugee camp

Syrian refugees held hostage by US presence in Syria

US-Russia tug of war over Rukban refugee camp

Mass graves are clearly seen on recent satellite images discovered by the Russian Defense Ministry, adding yet another detail to the deadly suffering of Syrian refugees in the Rukban camp located in Jordan, near the Syrian border and the illegal US military base at al-Tanf.  The images show a dramatic increase of graves – 300 more – calling for immediate measures to prevent a humanitarian disaster.

“One child has died every three days”, said Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, of the Rukban camp.

The UN conducted a survey of the camp’s residents and they stated they wanted to go home.  They have faced inhumane conditions in the camp since 2014.  The camp sits in a desert which lacks: water; sanitation; garbage removal; food; supplies; medical care.  The aid deliveries have been few and far between.  Refugees are dying of preventable illnesses, and now leprosy has been detected.  Babies are among the most venerable.

Russia and Syria on Sunday jointly condemned the United States for the contradictions in its stance on the issue of refugees in the Rukban camp.

"We have repeatedly pointed to the hypocrisy of the American side, which declares its commitment to recognize humanitarian values, but at the same time does nothing to implement them," the heads of the joint coordination committees on the repatriation of Syrian refugees said in a statement published by the Russian Defense ministry.

According to a survey conducted by the United Nations and the Syrian Red Crescent Society, 95 percent of about 40,000 Syrians held in Rukban wish to leave the camp as soon as possible.

America invaded Syria and set up one of its military bases at al-Tanf, under the command of General Joseph Votel.  Despite the declaration by Pres. Trump of a planned withdrawal of troops from Syria, Gen. Votel and other US officials have stated that American military troops will remain indefinitely at al-Tanf, which is part of the US policy against Iran.  According to Article 56 of the Geneva Convention, “Occupying Power has the duty of ensuring and maintaining the medical and hospital establishments and services, public health and hygiene in the occupied territory, i.a. to combat the spread of contagious diseases.”  Those time honored words lays the responsibility of the health and well being of the people in Rukban camp directly in the hands of the United States of America.

The US soldiers are not alone: they are propped up by a Jihadist terrorist group, who are connected to the Rukban camp.  The group has housed their wives, children and elderly parents at the camp, while they work next door for the Americans.  They possibly hope the Syrian conflict never ends, as they pull-down a paycheck in US dollars, all the while their families are being fed for free by the various humanitarian groups.  They will not allow their families to go home to Syria, because the terrorists know they are not welcome after having killed, raped and maimed across Syria for 8 years.  The Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra began in Syria as the Allahu Akbar Brigade in 2012, and rebranded themselves  in order to clean up their image for the American media, but their Jihadist ideology has remained their core value.

The camp is circled by a fence and a dirt mound.  This is used by the terrorists to keep control of the civilians.  Among the terrorists are the businessmen: they bring in some food and supplies and charge the refugees exorbitant prices.  They also act as travel agents: charging refugees who want to go home $1,500.00.  In every war there are those who suffer, and others who make money.  Some want the war to end now, and others who hope it continues forever as part of their business plan.

Jordan wants the refugees to go home, as the camp has been the target of several deadly attacks by ISIS.  Because of this, Jordan has refused to allow the refugees to come into Jordan, citing well founded security concerns.  Jordanian officials along with their Russian and Syrian counterparts have discussed the plan to send the refugees back home.  Recently, buses were made available for the homecoming, but the US troops and their terrorist allies refused to allow the plan to be completed.

The Russian ambassador in US, Anatoly Antonov said, "The problem of Rukban needs urgent solution. It can be resolved only by means of disbanding it and evacuating all residents. All conditions for that are in place."

The American base at al-Tanf is holding the refugees hostage.  They are being used as pawns in a geo-political game of chess; however, most pawns do not last until the end of the game.

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