Russia shares UN concerns about systematic human rights violations in Ukraine / News / News agency Inforos
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Russia shares UN concerns about systematic human rights violations in Ukraine

Russia shares UN concerns about systematic human rights violations in Ukraine

Russia shares the concerns of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission to Ukraine about Kiev’s systematic and brazen violation of these rights across the country, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said commenting on the corresponding report published by the mission, TASS reported.

Moscow is seriously concerned about reports on the rising number of human rights violations in Ukraine. "Millions of people are burdened by the long-standing internal military conflict, they lack access to basic services, including social support and healthcare," the diplomatic bureau wrote.

The Foreign Ministry believes it is unacceptable that civilians are forced to wait in lines for hours near demarcation lines in order to exchange a few words with their families or see a doctor. "During the freezing winter temperatures, a significant part of the population was deprived of decent housing, running water and central heating. Private civilian dwellings are being used by the Kiev’s law enforcement and security agents for combat purposes, while, as the UN experts point out, there’s no talk about any compensation for physical or moral damage," the ministry emphasized. "Pensions are barely paid in the conflict-ravaged districts".

"We share the concerns of the UN Monitoring Mission about the reports of continuous, brazen and systematic human rights violation by the Ukrainian authorities. Particularly, the report highlights cases of arbitrary detention, torture, and violence and abuse towards civilians in the regions controlled by Kiev. The freedoms of assembly and expression continue to be infringed, while journalists and activists are attacked".


No light at the end of the tunnel

Russia also stressed that there is still no progress on investigating the crimes committed at the Maidan and in Odessa in 2014.

Moscow has also raised alarm bells about the harassment of Ukrainian Orthodox clergy. "The experts particularly point to the discriminatory decision to force religious organizations affiliated with religious centers in Russia to change their names," the Foreign Ministry emphasized. "The report also reads that the UN had received a number of complaints about religious communities being dragged into the jurisdiction of the new Ukrainian "Autocephalous" Church against their will". Russia considers these shocking actions by the Kiev regime as "brazen violations of religious rights and freedoms in the country."


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