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Kazakhstan’s president announces resignation

Kazakhstan’s president announces resignation

Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced on Tuesday that he will step down after 30 years in power, TASS reported.

"I made a decision to resign as president," Nazarbayev, 78, said in his televised address to the nation. "This year marks 30 years since I assumed the post of the country’s supreme leader. I was given the honor by my great nation to become the first president of independent Kazakhstan," Nazarbayev said.

On February 15, Kazakhstan’s Constitutional Council clarified Nazarbayev’s statement on Section 3 of Article 42 of the Constitution on a list of grounds for an early resignation. According to the council, the key law stipulates the right of the head of state to step down.

At the same time Nazarbayev said he will remain chairman of the Central Asian state’s Security Council despite his resignation.

"In accordance with our laws, I’m given a status of the first president - the nation’s leader (elbasy in Kazakh), I will remain the Security Council’s chairman, who has serious powers to determine the country’s domestic and foreign policy in line with the laws," Nazarbayev said in his televised address to the nation.

Nazarbayev will also remain chairman of the Nur Otan Democratic People’s Party and a member of the Constitutional Council.

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