Maduro is victim of long-term regime change campaign / News / News agency Inforos
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Maduro is victim of long-term regime change campaign

US support brings Venezuelan opposition into discredit

Maduro is victim of long-term regime change campaign

Dominique Delawarde, the former head of the French Defense Ministry's electronic intelligence situation center and a cyber warfare expert, was interviewed by the Inforos news agency to assess the situation in Venezuela.

InfoRos: Who orchestrates power outages in Venezuela?

General Dominique Delawarde: The power outages in Venezuela were probably caused by other states' interference, the creation of digital or electronic interference, rather than by the government itself, which has no interest in such outages. Whenever something like this happens, you have to ask yourself who will benefit from it. Nicholas Maduro (President of Venezuela - ed. note) is a victim of the years-long regime change campaign.

InfoRos: Is it possible to talk about a color revolution?

General Dominique Delawarde: Yes, sure. The methods used conform fully to it. We have already seen a color revolution of this kind in many countries.

InfoRos: What about the American trace?

General Dominique Delawarde: That makes sense. We have to ask ourselves who derives benefit from such crimes. The United States has appeared much less flexible than in the case of Brazil. The United States was first among all the countries to support self-proclaimed President Juan Guaidó. I don't know who is doing this in the territory of Venezuela. But I know that those behind this are the most efficient allies of the United States, who wants the UN to recognize the collapse of Maduro's government.

InfoRos: Are the masterminds of this cyber attack against Maduro making a mistake?

General Dominique Delawarde: Most of the UN member states come out in favor of Maduro, but he does not enjoy the support of France and the European Union. On his side there are China, India, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Mexico. Maduro's government is legal, and those failing to recognize it make a mistake and skate on thin ice. And when they feel that they are losing, they take pains to drive the population wild. They want to use all means to bring the people to rebel. That's my analysis, but I can't prove it.

InfoRos: What is the interest of those who organize attacks on Venezuela?

General Dominique Delawarde: Venezuela is a major oil producer, while the United States is looking for ways to break free of the Persian Gulf, since the region may slip away from it. We are seeing a policy shift and keen interest in Venezuela that have come with the victory in Syria.

InfoRos: Does South America have a heart for the United States?

General Dominique Delawarde: The people of South America hates the United States. The mere fact that the United States supports a candidate can lead to this candidate's failure. In the Guaidó case it acted too carelessly, too out over its skis. If the US remained "behind the scenes", the population would have been more passionate about following Guaidó. Direct support from the United States he enjoys appalls most of the Venezuelan population as well as that of the neighboring countries. Those who have travelled to South America at least once, know that people are prejudiced against the United States.

InfoRos: Do you know the United States well?

General Dominique Delawarde: I spent three years in the United States as a liaison officer at a US higher military educational establishment. We talked to people in political positions and saw the way the system works.

InfoRos: Have you learned anything new about the United States?

General Dominique Delawarde: The American people implicitly trusts influential social entities, such as the lobbying organization called American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC, which buys ovation from members of the US parliament when Netanyahu is going to address the Congress, where he can afford to badmouth the incumbent President. That's amazing.


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