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Assad's victory puts end to Western domination

Political scientist Emmanuel Le Roy: the European elite is overwhelmed with confusion

Assad's victory puts end to Western domination

Political scientist Emmanuel Le Roy is actively involved in providing humanitarian assistance in the territories of Donbass and Syria. He criticizes French foreign policy towards Russia and Syria. From February 28 to March 6, 2019, he was on a visit to Syria as part of a delegation of NGO representatives, journalists and lawyers from Italy, Russia, Moldova and France. The Inforos news agency interviewed him about the trip. Le Roy Represents the International Movement For Peoples' Sovereignty (Movement International Pour la Souveraineté des Peuples).

INFOROS.RU: What is the sense of the Syrian government's victory?

Emmanuel Le Roy: Syria defeated the international coalition and its troops sent to the country that became unhappy in 2011. For the first time in decades, the West was halted by military action in Damascus. The resisting force stopped the advance of international coalition troops on the way to world domination. If the West does not use military force, it tries to achieve its goals by manipulating people. The victory of President Bashar al-Assad put an end to world domination and stopped the army that had known no defeat for decades.

INFOROS.RU: What, in our opinion, has become the reflection of this turning point in the West?

Emmanuel Le Roy: Brexit and Trump's policy ("America First"). All this points to the Western system's collapse. A historic opportunity has emerged to fight the system, and I hope to destroy it.

INFOROS.RU: Are the globalists disunited?

Emmanuel Le Roy: Among other things, the victory in Syria has been entailed by a split in the West. There is an internal war in the globalist camp. The war in Syria has become a clear proof of an aggravation of contradictions in the US law enforcement agencies. Donald Trump signed a decree on the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, and the US military refused to. There is no consensus among the Western and especially the American elite. In the Western camp there is no single policy, which explains the confusion reigning in the European elite. This is especially noticeable in case of Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, who do not know whom they can turn to. Europeans do not know which line to follow on the Syrian issue. For the first time since the 1950s, the position of the European elite towards Iran contrasts with that of Donald Trump.

INFOROS.RU: Have the neoconservatives in France changed?

Emmanuel Le Roy: I do not think so. They emulate the neoconservative policy of the United States. There are neo-conservatives in the media, in politics, in diplomacy, especially at Quai d’Orsay (French Foreign Ministry – ed. note), and they are still rather active.

INFOROS.RU: Does France support the Syrian jihadists?

Emmanuel Le Roy: In the course of our visit to Syria, we received evidence suggesting that, in flagrant violation of all the international norms, the government of France, particularly with the assistance of humanitarian non-governmental organizations, continues to support jihadist terrorists in Idlib. France is providing humanitarian assistance to terrorists instead of the Syrian people! France, starting with Sarkozy to Hollande and Macron, keeps supplying weapons to terrorists.

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