Trump’s words on Golan Heights run counter to UN Security Council decision / News / News agency Inforos
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Trump’s words on Golan Heights run counter to UN Security Council decision

US continues policy of breaching international order

Trump’s words on Golan Heights run counter to UN Security Council decision

The statement of Trump on the Golan Heights is inconsistent with the decision of the United Nations Security Council condemning the Israeli occupation of that region in Syria, Vice-Rector of MGIMO University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Morozov suggests.

The United States should recognize Israel’s full sovereignty over the Golan Heights, US President Donald Trump wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday. “After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability!” he wrote.

According to the political analyst, “it is common knowledge that Trump has long been trumpeting a certain plan on the Palestine-Israeli settlement, though the fact is that in this particular case the issue of the Golan Heights is not on the table for the Israeli and the Palestinians.” “And President Trump appears to have framed a kind of a plan in principle on certain steps in the Middle East, and particularly moving the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, which sparked a wave of indignation in the Palestinian society and in the leadership of Palestine.

Now to the world society’s surprise the decisions on delimitation and on bringing in the UN troops contingent in the Golan Heights made by the UN Security Council are derailed. And famously, the Golan Heights are not acknowledged by the international community as part of Israel, and there are no Golan Heights on the maps of Israel anywhere in the world, only in Israel the Golan Heights are marked as the country’s territory on the maps. Meanwhile, it is becoming unclear whether Donald Trump is attempting to tackle the issue between Israel and Syria.

Or whether he wants to clinch it for the benefit of Israel, taking advantage of the fact that the Syrian authorities and the country overall are currently in the doldrums, and I mean the ongoing civil war in Syria as well. Apparently, President Trump has decided to embrace the moment and will be now eyeing the reaction of the global community, which is absolutely clear and unequivocal – all will set against.

But the fixation on great America, including in the foreign policy, works, and I believe that will happen – an official decision will be taken on the US’ recognition of the Golan Heights as part of Israel, which will be made public in the near future,” he said.

Vladimir Morozov also noted that “the negative response of Russia and European countries has already followed as the first stovepiping by Trump via Twitter has already elicited response.” “And I expect a backlash of Russia’s Foreign Ministry and foreign ministries of European countries unswervingly.

But being aware of the fixation of the President Trump’s administration on taking such tough and sometimes unpredictable decisions that break a decades-long routine, a decision like that is expected. And Israel will be much obliged to President Trump for such a decision,” he said.

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