Color revolution unfolding in Algeria / News / News agency Inforos
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Color revolution unfolding in Algeria

West wants to change the country’s regime

Color revolution unfolding in Algeria

General Dominique Delawarde (Rt.) is former chief of the situation center for electronic warfare of the French Defense Ministry and an expert in digital warfare. Talking to the Inforos news agency, the general points out that both Algeria and Venezuela are currently witnessing color revolutions.

Inforos: Why is Algeria witnessing a color revolution now?

General Delawarde: The problem is in its external relations. Algeria, led by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has preserved very good relations with Russia. All Algerian officers undergo training in Russia. The Algerian army uses mostly weapons manufactured in Russia, including the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system, and it is the only Arab country to own it. Also, Algeria has friendly relations with Iran.

Inforos: How did Algeria’s relations with Iran develop?

General Delawarde: Algeria is a rare country that has preserved good relations with Iran despite the pressure that was put on it in order to make it turn against Iran and join the big “Arabian coalition,” notably, in the war against Yemen. Algeria refused to participate in that coalition and join forces with the United States and Israel, something Morocco and many other Arab countries did, to stand against Iran in that war.

Inforos: Western countries want the Algerian authorities to act in their interests!

General Delavar: The West wouldn’t mind to see a more loyal regime in Algeria than the one there is now.

Inforos: What proof do you have?

General Delawarde: These are signals rather than proof. Bouteflika has until recently maintained good relations with Syria and its President Bashar al-Assad. Syria was not an ally of the leading four Western countries: the US, Israel, Britain and France. Israel acts leaning on the financial clout of its diaspora and the sayanim network (a secret international network of Israel’s voluntary agents also known as “sleeping agents” – Editor), which gives it a certain power across the globe, from South America to Ukraine. The United States and the Western coalition are not too impressed with Bouteflika’s reign.

Inforos: Color revolutions are always based on deceit…

General Delawarde: I spent three years in the United States as head of a digital warfare intelligence center of the joint operations planning command. There I discovered duplicity, and a gap between reality and its presentation to the press. I encountered lies of presidents, ministers and politicians about civil society. These lies turned my mind around, because human lives were dependent on them. They don’t care a jot about human lives.

Inforos: Do you think of yourself as a proponent of the conspiracy theory? You mentioned a color revolution in Venezuela earlier, and now you are talking about one in Algeria.

General Delawarde: There have been numerous precedents, like Euromaidan. “Regime changes” are taking place all over the world. The statement that we never interfere with other countries’ foreign political affairs sounds most odd.

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