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Russia, Cuba sign memorandum on technology cooperation

Russia, Cuba sign memorandum on technology cooperation

Representatives of Russia and Cuba signed on Monday a memorandum on cooperation aimed at expanding cooperation in the communication sector. The document contains the main items of cooperation planned in the field of communication technologies and security systems, including on the cyberspace. The signing ceremony was attended by Russia’s Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Mikhail Mamonov, Cuba’s Communications Minister Jorge Luis Perdomo, Russia’s Ambassador to Cuba Andrei Guskov and business representatives, TASS reported.

"The Cuban colleagues described in detail their interests today: they particularly focused on cybersecurity, and they also considered the development of e-commerce important. We discussed a number of new projects that can be implemented due to the fact that 3G network has appeared in Cuba through cooperation with Russian communications providers," Mamonov told TASS. "In April, our colleagues will come to Russia, and the ministry will provide discussion of all required issues, we are first of all interested in transfer of Russian technologies and solutions to Cuba. Many Russian companies involved in electronic security have given a good account of themselves not only on the Russian, but on international markets as well," he explained.

According to Deputy Minister, the cooperation will help create reliable storage systems and safe information channels on the island. In its turn, Russia will establish a platform for its companies to further promote their digital products not only in Cuba, not also in the Latin American region.


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