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Israel, Gaza trade air strikes — military

Israel, Gaza trade air strikes — military

The Israeli Defense Forces said that rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip territory at the industrial zone of the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon city on Tuesday night, TASS reported.

"After air raid sirens sounded in the Ashkelon industrial zone, the launch of a rocket from Gaza, aiming at the territory of Israel, was detected," the press service said in a statement.

Earlier on Tuesday, Israeli fighter jets conducted airstrikes at Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to the launch of a rocket, targeting the Eshkol Regional Council on the border with the Palestinian enclave.

"Earlier today, a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip at the Israeli territory. Besides, Gaza residents sneaked through the security fence and set fire to a camouflage net of a military post. In response, IDF fighter jets conducted strikes at several terrorist targets in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, including a Hamas military camp and a weapons production and storage facility in Khan Younis," the Israeli military said.

The confrontation between Israel and the Gaza Strip intensified after a rocket, launched from Gaza, hit a residential house in Central Israel. Seven people, some of them children, were injured.

In response, the Israeli army launched a series of airstrikes at facilities of the Hamas movement. Gaza strip radicals retaliated by launching no less than 60 rockets at Israel.

An Egypt-mediated ceasefire agreement went into force at 23:00 Moscow time on March 25, but lasted only several hours.

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