Civil war may be unleashed in Venezuela / News / News agency Inforos
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Civil war may be unleashed in Venezuela

Venezuela's future in hands of Russia's diplomacy

Civil war may be unleashed in Venezuela

Antony Drumel, a graduate of the High School of Commerce, lived six years in China, where he studied globalization mechanisms. He has been an editor at the publishing house Le Retour Aux Sources (the Return to Sources, He authored a number of non-conformist works on economics, politics, history and philosophy.

Inforos: You are an unusual publisher. An expert on China who is interested in Venezuela!

Drumel: I'm interested in all societal models and all peoples of the Earth that deserve close attention.

Inforos: What do you think about President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro?

Drumel: Maduro is trying to retreat from the real situation in order to continue the political pattern of (former President of Venezuela) Hugo Chavez. One should acknowledge that Nicholas Maduro is calm and determined which deserves admiration. Just as President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Venezuela's leader should primarily evade excessive reaction to provocations so that not to make a mistake that would become a pretext for possible external interference.

Inforos: How deep is the crisis in the country?

Drumel: Judging by what I have seen, the consequences of the embargo are a real problem... Apparently, there are internal differences that were inherited from the Hugo Chavez era, but one should understand that they were an integral part of a transit to a societal model that Chavez tried to set. The problem is that he didn't finish his job! And what about time? The international community is again launching an offensive blocking all projects of the new government. Today, Venezuela is punished for disobedience and the refusal to accept the societal model imposed by the Western world.

Inforos: ... and (self-proclaimed Venezuela's president) Juan Guaido?

Drumel: Actually, one didn't talk a lot about him with me in Venezuela, and I don't think that the reason is fear. Solely middle class and richer people, city residents support him. Should you leave beautiful neighborhoods of Caracas, you will see that Venezuela's "rural areas" widely support their president.

Inforos: Does the real situation correspond to what Western media describe?

Drumel: Absolutely not. The situation in Venezuela is quite chaotic. There are a lot of police on roads, black market and consequences of embargo on essential goods supplies require effort and adjustments, the crime level is also high (mainly in Caracas), infrastructure was largely damaged, but – and this may come as a surprise – the situation isn't that bad in general!

Inforos: Are power outages a result of a cyberattack?

Drumel: It is hard to say. You would agree with me that the perfect time was chosen! And evidence that I regularly get from Venezuela (during each blackout) prompt me to think so.

Inforos: Is Venezuela undergoing a "regime change" imposed from outside?

Drumel: All observers see eye to eye on this. But in the global context this seems to be unlikely. The yellow vests movement hardly has several thousands of supporters, but it doesn't go down, and primarily, President of France Emmanuel Macron doesn't enjoy support of people. In Venezuela, things are slightly different. The majority of population supports their President Maduro.

Inforos: How do you see the country's future?

Drumel: Maduro is supported by the army, the situation in the country will continue to be changeable... But there are preconditions for a civil war that will allow, once again, justify foreign interference! The scenario repeats itself. I would say just as in case with Syria, Venezuela's future is partly in the hands of Russia's diplomacy.

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