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Ukraine claims developing electromagnetic weapons

Ukraine claims developing electromagnetic weapons

Ukraine has developed electromagnetic weapons, Spetstechnoexport (part of the country’s Ukoboronprom defense conglomerate) announced on Thursday.

"Defense enterprises have developed and mastered the production of electromagnetic weapons designated to destroy various types of radio-electronic equipment, including power supply and data transmission systems," TASS quoted the company as saying.

Electromagnetic munitions can be mounted on missiles and aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles, the statement says.

"Therefore, the new electromagnetic weapon can be effectively used against enemy strategically important installations, including command and administrative centers, communications hubs, electric power stations, air defense facilities, etc. without the risk of inflicting damage on civilians," the company added.

As Spetstechnoexport specified, the new weapon generates powerful electromagnetic radiation that incapacitates the radio-electronic equipment of armament and military hardware or creates considerable interference for its organic operation.

According to the company’s data, in 2014-2015, the Ukrainian side looked for foreign partners that would be ready to invest in the weapon’s development. A corresponding contract was signed with a defense firm from India.

"The funds thus raised were channeled into developing scientific and technical documentation and producing prototypes," Spetstechnoexport added.

The first batch of electromagnetic weapons was delivered to India in February and the talks on a new shipment are continuing, the company said, adding that Ukrainian enterprises were ready to launch the serial production of electromagnetic weapons for Ukraine’s army.

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