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An Alternative Analysis Of Assange's Arrest

Assange's arrest was a stark violation of international law, but the whistleblower's story might still have a happy ending.

An Alternative Analysis Of Assange's Arrest

The UK's arrest of Australian whistleblower Julian Assange was a stark violation of international law after his Ecuadorian Embassy hosts suddenly suspended his dual citizenship and allowed British police to arrest the man who former President Correa previously granted political asylum to. It looks all but certain to many that he's doomed to a fate that might even entail the death penalty if he's extradited back to the US and faces a host of charges for his involvement in publishing Bradley/Chelsea Manning's leaked State Department cables which detailed a collection of crimes that the American government wanted to cover up. The revelations were also excruciatingly embarrassing for the US because they exposed what its diplomats really thought about countless countries and political figures, removing the "diplomatic" facade that America had worked so hard for so long to present to the rest of the world.


Assange's arrest was a long time coming and many people suspect that it was linked to Ecuadorian President Moreno's recent procurement of a multibillion-dollar IMF loan, but the timing also coincides with both the UK's blundering Brexit and Trump's accusations that members of his "deep state" were plotting a coup against him through the fake Russiagate scandal. Cynics would therefore suggest that the high-profile arrest of this famous activist might have been meant to divert attention from both of those aforementioned scandals, and truth be told, it might even be linked to one of them, namely Trump's. There's a lot of chatter among some in the Alt-Media Community that Assange's story might ultimately have a happy ending if his arrest was actually part of a "master plan" designed by Trump and his "deep state" allies in order to expose the attempted coup against him in the court of law.


The narrative goes that Assange's many charges will obviously lead to him defending himself before either a judge or a jury of his peers, at which time he'll eventually be compelled to recount how Wikileaks received secret information from the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) server describing the epic conspiracy to steal the primary elections from popular leftist political insurgent Bernie Sanders and hand them to Hillary instead. Awareness of this scheme is thought to have played a crucial role in Trump's victory because it disincentivized Sanders' supporters from voting for Clinton on Election Day while simultaneously motivating her opponents to cast their ballot and make sure that one of the most reviled people in American history didn't win the presidency. Clinton's camp claimed that Russia "hacked" the DNC's servers and then leaked the info to Wikileaks to help Trump, while some people say that a mysteriously murdered campaign staffer named Seth Rich was the real source of the information.


The Seth Rich theory is controversial because no hard evidence has emerged to prove it, being based as it is on nothing more than convincing conjecture, though Assange's forthcoming testimony before the American courts might finally put an end to that scandal once and for all. It can be expected that the Australian will defend his previous stance that it wasn't Russian intelligence operatives that gave him the DNC's details, and while he might not reveal who the source actually was, this in and of itself might be enough for Trump and his "deep state" allies to go forward with the President's proposed investigation into the failed coup attempt against him that was "legally" initiated around the time that these controversial revelations were brought to light. The Clinton camp's accusations that Russia was behind that in order to help Trump might have inspired the future President's "deep state" foes to set up Carter Page as a pretext for surveilling the Republican's entire campaign.


As such, it would be immensely important for the legal case that Trump wants to make against the coup plotters if Assange testifies that Russia had nothing to do with that incident, and it would be nothing short of politically explosive if he implied or outright said that Seth Rich might have been the real source. The Alt-Media cynics even think that the President might eventually pardon him at the end of his time in office like Obama did with Manning if this is the case, and it can't be discounted that this scenario might indeed unfold. Of course, the opposite might also happen in that Assange's testimony might be kept secret if it's given in a military court and the world might never get to know what he said if Trump's "deep state" foes succeed in suppressing the whilsteblower's possible revelations.  As the clichéd saying goes, "time will tell" , but whatever the outcome, Assange's arrest is undoubtedly a monumental event.


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