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NATO is 70. And no more…

Terror and genocide are milestones of NATO history

NATO is 70. And no more…

The cruelest crimes are military crimes against humanity that have no limitation period. And the 70-year history of NATO has seen many of them. I have recently had a chance to take part in the international conference in Belgrade dedicated to the 20th anniversary of NATO's aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Its title was "NATO Aggression. Never to Forget 1999-2019!" I'm still under the impression of multiple meeting that heard harsh condemnation of the bloody massacre staged by NATO headed by the USA and its tragic consequences for the people of Serbia.

I was amazed by the conference's atmosphere. Speeches of its participants were supplemented by historical photographs showing Serbia's tragedy and the distress of people - old people, women and children who survived NATO air attacks. Look at these documental records. The "civilized" West bombed residential areas, bridges, chemical plants, and destroyed monuments of history and culture. Highly toxic warheads with depleted uranium used by NATO were the most dangerous thing for people, animals, and the environment. This led to multiple cases of cancer in Serbia that has become epidemics. According to Professor Slobodan Cikaric, the chairman of the Serbian Society for the Fight Against Cancer, cancer mortality rate has been growing 2.5% per year in Serbia since the tragic year of 1999. Scientists have calculated that the use of uranium weapons by NATO caused additional 15,000 deadly instances of cancer in 2001-2010.

In 2013, professor Cikaric predicted that following uranium weapons strikes against Serbia, the number of cancer outbreaks would continue to surge. And he was right. There is documented evidence of damage to the immune system, severe dysfunction of kidneys and liver, aggressive leukemia, damage to bone marrow, genetic and developmental defects of babies, as well as premature births, just as it was after the Chernobyl NPP tragedy. Anyone who visits Serbian cemeteries today will pay attention to a large number of children graves. The tombstones have the dates of birth and death engraved, but by rights the following should be engraved: "Died as a result of contracting radioactive depleted uranium."


Many other countries of the Balkan region, the Middle East, and Africa have experienced such war crimes by USA-NATO. Various sanctions against undesirable countries should also be treated as a crime against humanity. For example, in Iraq alone thousands of children died because of blocked humanitarian deliveries and the absence of food and medications. One shouldn’t forget about the ongoing armed conflict in Libya, where blood is still spilled today. This is the direct consequence of NATO's military intervention in 2011.

NATO's psychological war against Russia has been lasting for many years. The alliance's member countries launch blasphemous campaigns about "the aggressive policy of the Russians" that can be defended from only by increasing military expenditures and constantly prolonging economic restrictions. Meanwhile, writer and expert on the USA Rolf Winter pointed at the disposition of the North Americans towards violence in his book "Amis Go Home" back in 1980-s. In his opinion, this trait is close to pathology and it is linked to the conviction that the Americans live in "God's own country," and hence have the absolute right to set the world order as they want. By the way, Rolf Winter's book was based only on American sources.

Of course, the US government knows well about crimes of its servicemen. That is why Washington is trying to protect them from prosecution under the international law. For example, hawks in the Western hemisphere didn't like at all that International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda (Gambia) accused US army servicemen and CIA employees of cruel treatment and tortures of prisoners in her report in November 2016. In turn, Washington banned ICC officials who were doing this job from entering the United States of America. Fatou Bensouda was also denied an entry visa.


I am sure that the most suitable definition of NATO headed by the USA is the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization. And this is no exaggeration. Any source ranging from Wikipedia to the German criminal code would confirm that a terrorist union is an organization that is seeking its goals by committing extremely grave crimes, for example attempted murders, mass murders, genocide, and terrorist attacks with the use of explosives and radioactive materials.

These elements can well pertain to NATO. It is enough to remember the bloody trace that the alliance has left in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Balkan region. A question arises why NATO is not banned as it happened to other similar terrorist organizations, or at least disbanded? Why has no one been punished so far? I have no answer to these questions. But I raise my voice in support of Serbian, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian citizens who sincerely believe that 70 years of NATO is more than enough.

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