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CPRF Stakes on the Young

The past weekend an extraordinary congress of the CPRF was held in the Moscow Region. The congress made some changes in the part charter.

Addressing the congress, CPRF leader Guennadi Ziuganov noted that the new law on political parties made the CPRF's work more difficult.

In order to "broaden the party's influence on the masses", it has been allowed, from now on, to suspend party membership, in particular for the duration of the service in the armed forces and in the event of the employment in organizations and departments wherein the law prohibits membership in political parties.

Party base structures are allowed henceforth to create "party sympathizer groups". Also, the institute of "party organizers" has been introduced, to operate in those places where there are no base cells. "This will allow the young to enter the party's operating structures", explained the CPRF leader to journalists. He disclosed that, as of today, the party was 188,000-strong.

"The masses are ripe to take in our ideas, but we fail to reach them", said the CPRF leader, explaining the fact by the inadequate work with the young. According to G. Ziuganov, the young should be in the vanguard of the protest movement and change the stereotyped positioning of the CPRF as "a party of the elderly" in the public eye.
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