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Moscow: "The Russians Are Coming"

On the Day of Popular Unity patriotically-orientated parties (otherwise known as right-wing radicals) staged a march and a meeting in Moscow. Interior Ministry sources estimate that the patriots' manifestation drew about 2,000 people.

The event was, on the whole, well-organized and free of any serious excesses. Militia made no arrests and no fines were imposed. Even the ideological opponents of the right-wing march, ten in number, who pelted the marchers with water-filled preservatives, were only taken to Militia Station No. 46 to get a piece of fatherly advice.

Militia reports one more incident. On Yauzski Boulevard unknown persons threw smoke bombs and petards at the marchers, after which they all drove away in a car.

In spite of these slight disturbances, the marchers – supporters of the "Movement against Illegal Immigration", "Russian National Union", "Russian Party of National Power", "Memory - National Patriotic Front" and others - went unhindered through the streets of the capital, to the beat of the drum, chanting "Long live the Empire!" and "Russians, stand up!". They carried placards reading "The Russians are coming" and "Russians, forward!".

Earlier Russian Jewish rabbi Berl Lazar, parties "United Russia", SPS ("Union of Right Forces") and "Yabloko" ("Apple") had protested against the proposed patriots' march. The Russian Orthodox Church has, on the whole, looked benevolently on the Right-Wing March being staged in Moscow, calling at the same time the attention of the public to the necessity of distinguishing between patriotism and radical nationalism.
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