D. Rogozin: What Is Happening in Paris, May Happen in Moscow Too / News / News agency Inforos
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D. Rogozin: What Is Happening in Paris, May Happen in Moscow Too

Leader of the "Rodina" ("Motherland") Party Dmitri Rogozin believes that if illegal immigration is not held in check riots like the ones Paris is living through today, may happen in Moscow too.

"We shall have real problems like the ones in Paris, only in Paris it is the suburbs that are burning because Arabs live in suburbs there, but in Moscow it would be the other way round – immigrants live downtown, so it would be the downtown districts burning", said D. Rogozin in a radio interview.

If the authorities fail to solve the problem of illegal immigration, "it will be not 2-3 thousand people as on November 4, but 50 thousand marching in protest through Moscow streets", believes D. Rogozin.

He was referring to the Right-Wing March in Moscow on November 4, which "has become a direct expression of the attitudes of the radical part of Muscovites who feel that they are living in an unsafe city harboring at least 3 million illegal immigrants".

At the same time, the leader of the "Motherland" emphasized that his party had not taken part in the march, as "the heat of that manifestation has been whipped up too high".
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