14 people dead as army breaks up sit-in in Sudan's capital / News / News agency Inforos
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14 people dead as army breaks up sit-in in Sudan's capital

14 people dead as army breaks up sit-in in Sudan's capital

The death toll has risen to fourteen as the Sudanese police and police tactical units are breaking up the sit-in in the center of the Sudanese capital, Sky News Arabia TV channel reports. The overall number of victims has exceeded 100.

Per earlier reports, nine people died.

At dawn, the police and police tactical units began clearing the square in front of the main national army command headquarters and dismantling the campsite that had emerged there two months ago. Later, the military joined them, taking the square under its complete control and setting up security cordons. According to the witnesses, the dispersal operation was carried out using tear gas and firearms, TASS reports.

 At the same time, the Sudanese military said that there were no operations to disperse the campsite. "We did not break up the sit-in," the military council spokesperson told Sky News Arabia. According to the army, the security forces had to take measures after a large group of trespassers had infiltrated the camp. They are promising that the protesters will be allowed to come back to the sit-in square and no one will stop them. Moreover, the council is willing to resume the talks with the opposition on the future transitional period in Sudan within 48 hours.

The opposition has already terminated the dialogue, saying that the opposition forces no longer see the military council "as one of the revolution forces". In the early hours of Monday, the situation is starting to spin out of control in Khartoum. Clashes between the police forces and protesters erupted in the capital and its satellite city, Omdurman. Thousands of people took to the streets, blocked roads and bridges with bricks and burning tires.

The army took control over the country on April 11, deposing then-President Omar al-Bashir. Since April 6, the sit-in has been staged near the military headquarters, the protesters demanding that the power be transferred to civil authorities. A few days ago, the military council warned that it was going to enforce laws in the sit-in camp, which had turned into a crime hotbed and started posing a real threat to the national security. The sit-in has seen numerous shootings and unrest, which resulted in casualties.

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