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Welcome home: ISIS wives and children repatriated

Will the U.S. and Europe pay a price in the future?

Welcome home: ISIS wives and children repatriated

There is no place like home, as the saying goes.

ISIS was finally crushed, and now their women and children want to go home.  After the Caliphate fell and their dreams of an Islamic utopia in Syria have been crushed, these women have remembered their country of origin, even though they long ago burned their passports.  They are desperate to leave a hell-hole camp in the desert, appropriately named “Al Hol”.  The Syrian Kurds who are employed as mercenaries for the U. S. military have captured the male terrorists, and have separated them from their female partners and children.  The question is: what to do with the wives and children of the most sadistic murderers on earth?

The female members of ISIS have tried to portray themselves as victims.  They will often give interviews with western journalists while maintaining they were only wives and mothers and had no part to play in the death-cult their husband was following, as ISIS was chopping off heads for pleasure.  However, Jane Arraf interviewed them and got the truth.  They have no regrets and no remorse.  They remain committed to ISIS and the death-cult ideology of Radical Islam, which is a political ideology and is not a religion or sect.  When she asked about the beheadings, rapes, and tortures that ISIS carried out, a wife of ISIS replied, "If they don't convert to Islam and they don't become Muslim like us and worship God, then they deserve it,”  The official at the camp charged with sending women and children back home said that these women and children must go through a de-radicalization program, otherwise they will be “..the foundations of future terrorism,”  However, the U.S. does not have any federal de-radicalization programs mandatory for women and children.

A group of American women and their ISIS fathered children are being welcomed home in the USA.  These women were Americans from the Seattle area originally, before going to Syria with their family.  Now, that ISIS is defeated, and much of their family is dead, these women want to go home to the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’.  Will they be having coffee soon at Starbucks, in their home town?  Will their relatives and neighbors welcome them back with a cake and a party?  What should the party theme colors be: perhaps all black balloons and the cake ordered from the bakery in the shape of a head?

Kayla Mueller was a young activist from Arizona.  She was badly misled into believing the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was freedom fighters.  Arizona Senator John McCain had been the biggest supporter of the FSA and had actually traveled to Syria illegally to meet with them, discuss military strategy, and to promise continuing support to them.  He was the lobbyist for the FSA in the US Congress and was successful in obtaining millions of dollars in aid and weapons for them.  Kayla Mueller was made to believe that traveling illegally from Turkey into Syria was normal, by following Sen. John McCain's example.  She arrived in Aleppo and began working as a humanitarian volunteer at a hospital which was under the control of the FSA.  Then, the FSA whom she had trusted with her life, sold her for cash to ISIS.

Kayla Mueller was held by ISIS for a long period of time, and raped repeatedly, and tortured.  She was under the charge of Umm Sayyaf,  the wife of a senior ISIS terrorist, who is now in prison and has revealed the facts about Kayla and her time as a hostage.  Umm Sayyaf has portrayed herself as a victim, innocently following her husband’s orders.  However, eye witness testimony of other sex slaves who were kept by her stated,  “…Umm Sayyaf was as brutal and tyrannical with Mueller as she was with them,”

Kayla Mueller had wanted nothing more than to go back home.  She didn’t get her wish, but the wives of ISIS are being welcomed home instead.

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