Sweden also implicated in scandal over CIA secret jails and planes / News / News agency Inforos
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Sweden also implicated in scandal over CIA secret jails and planes

The Swedish government intends to check information about secret CIA flights to Sweden. This has been revealed by Swedish state secretary Lars Danielsson in Stockholm. Earlier the Swedish security police disclaimed reports of CIA flights to Sweden. "We have no information about CIA planes landing in Sweden", said a security police spokesman.

The scandal broke out in Sweden on Monday when news agencies gave out reports of at least two cases of CIA planes having landed in Sweden, one of them coming from Guantanamo military base in Cuba.

The international "Human Rights Watch" (HRW) organization called on Swedish authorities to investigate the CIA aircraft visits. The CIA has set up a number of jails on territory of Eastern Europe, where people suspected of terrorism and "Al-Qaeda" connections are illegally kept.

According to HRW data, the inmates of these prisons are subjected to torture and inhuman treatment. A list of such countries has been hushed up on request of the US administration. Among the countries where CIA prisons are located, the HRW named Poland – a EU member state, and Romania, which is getting ready to enter the EU in 2007.

HRW representatives have proof that the CIA has been sending people suspected of terrorism, who were captured in Afghanistan, to Poland and Romania. The human rights watchers, having analyzed the available information about CIA flights from 2001 to 2004, have made a supposition that during the military campaign in Afghanistan the most top-ranking terrorists captured by the US troops were being sent not to Guantanamo military base, but to special prisons on Eastern European territory.

In particular, according to the HRW, flights from Afghanistan run by the CIA landed mostly on territories of Poland and Romania. Facilities previously used by the special services of those countries are situated near respective airfields. All in all, according to the HRW data, the CIA has set up, since 2001, a well-ramified network of secret jails in eight countries of the world. Spain and neutral Sweden have also come under suspicion of the HRW.
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