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V. Putin: "Blue Stream" Is a Bridge between East and West

V. Putin: "Blue Stream" Is a Bridge between East and West
Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the official ceremony of commissioning the "Blue Stream" gas pipeline in Turkey, has said the pipeline "makes Turkish territory an energy bridge between consumers and producers, between East and West, and makes it possible to create a South European gas supply ring that would optimize gas exports to South Europe and the Balkan region".

In his opinion, "the commissioning of the pipeline is yet another step towards the creation of a common energy space in Europe. It is a step towards strengthening the energy security on our continent and diversifying energy supplies to its main consumers".

V. Putin thanked all those who worked on the execution of the project, their number exceeding 100,000 men.

"Nothing like this happened before. Specialists of major energy companies – Gazprom, ENI, Botash took part in this project. Russia, Turkey, Italy and other countries successfully pooled their resources and intellectual capital to implement it", said the Russian President.

He also noted a possibility of building one more section of the "Blue Stream" gas pipeline across the bottom of the Black Sea in order to supply gas to South Italy, in general to South Europe and Israel. Besides, he said, the pipeline opened up new prospects for Russian gas transiting via Turkey’s territory onto the markets of third countries.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, speaking at the commissioning ceremony, also noted that the "Blue Stream" pipeline "expanded Europe's frontiers" and was proof of the possibility of transferring energy carriers to consumers at a distance of many thousands of kilometers from the producer. "The world is becoming our common space", he said and added that he supported both Turkey and Russia entering the European Union.

Turkish Premier Recep Erdogan said his country's main objective was to become an energy corridor from East to West and from North to South.

"Besides, the Turkish government intends to make the port of Jeikhan one of the biggest international oil and gas terminals", he said.
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