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Western information war aims to subjugate Russia

Western information war aims to subjugate Russia

The main aim of the information war led by the West against Russia is to subjugate Russia and control it from the outside, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated on Wednesday during the International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2019".

"The main and basic goal of this war is to control Russia and, ultimately, the world," he is quoted as saying by TASS.

According to Shoigu, aggressive information influence of the West against Russia is related to the fact that Russia has recovered its status of "the second pole" ensuring global stability.

"What is all this agony (let’s name it that) of the West related to?" the minister continued. "It all comes down to the appearance of the second pole of the world order, which seemed buried and gone - a monument was built, a wreath laid, but then the second pole was reborn. And it is currently being born."

The minister stressed that for Russia, this is not a painful process. "For us this is creation, energy. We do all this willingly. The world is becoming multipolar again. Of course, some do not like it. However, the West does not understand yet that it is impossible to rule today’s world on a whim," the minister stressed.

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