War on terror is a priority of Russia’s G20 agenda / News / News agency Inforos
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War on terror is a priority of Russia’s G20 agenda

War on terror is a priority of Russia’s G20 agenda

The fight against promoting terrorism and extremism on the Internet is prioritized by Russia’s G20 agenda, Russian Presidential Envoy to the G20 (Sherpa) Svetlana Lukash told reporters on Tuesday, noting that the issue was in the spotlight of the Osaka summit.

Besides the war on terror on the Internet, Russia’s work at the G20 is focused on taxation across markets linked to new digital technologies, she noted.

"A serious achievement at the summit was reached in ensuring security of Internet users, most notably in preventing terrorist threats when using online platforms. The G20 has made a breakthrough statement on fight against terrorist and extremist content on the Internet," TASS quoted the official as saying.

This statement came as a response to the latest attacks, which went viral on the Internet, she explained. "Many countries have become seriously concerned about preventing such steps and cooperating with business, first of all with online digital platforms, which may disseminate this content," the sherpa said.

Although the G20 member-states have different approaches to regulating the Internet, everyone agreed that the war on terror and extremism is the goal of each country. In the joint statement, the G20 called on the states, businesses and providers to unite efforts for countering terrorist threat in the global network. "In this context, this is a breakthrough and the first such joint statement in the history of the G20 and other international platforms," she stressed.

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