UK government undermines any opportunity for dialogue with Russia / News / News agency Inforos
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UK government undermines any opportunity for dialogue with Russia

UK government undermines any opportunity for dialogue with Russia

The UK government has been consistently undermining all opportunities for creating a constructive dialogue with Russia, citing threats to national security allegedly created by Moscow, a spokesperson for the Russian embassy in London said on Tuesday.

The statement came in response to UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s anti-Russian statements made at Allied Maritime Command headquarters in Northwood on July 8.

"The statements made by May once again demonstrated that the incumbent conservative government prefers baseless insinuations - which, among other things, create a contorted atmosphere of fear and mistrust in the UK society - to a civilized and responsible political conduct," the embassy is quoted as saying by TASS.

"We are bound to acknowledge that in recent years it was the London government who has been consistently undermining any opportunity to create a constructive dialogue with Russia on countering threats, including international ones, justifying this policy with ‘national security interests’ to which our country allegedly poses a threat," it said.

During her speech in Northwood, May thanked UK servicemen for their help in decontaminating Salisbury in the wake of the poisoning incident, once again accusing Russia of a "nerve agent attack." She also claimed that UK fighter jets "scramble to see off Russian transgressors" in the skies above Europe.

She also demonstrated the recent Baltops-2019 naval exercise in Lithuania, during which forces of 18 states trained in the immediate vicinity of Russia’s border, as a demonstration that "the alliance is as strong and united as it has ever been." 

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