President Zelensky’s spin-doctor tells his party’s MPs they are nobody / News / News agency Inforos
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President Zelensky’s spin-doctor tells his party’s MPs they are nobody

President Zelensky’s spin-doctor tells his party’s MPs they are nobody

The strategist of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s political party Servant of the People, Nikita Poturayev, told the party members — future lawmakers, who had come to listen to "a course for beginner lawmakers" in the spa town of Truskavets — that they are "nobody in politics," the Strana publication cited Poturayev's address to the meeting.

"You are politically nobody. I want everyone to hear that. In life you are individuals, but you are not political actors," he told the MPs elected at the snap election to the country’s parliament Verkhovna Rada on July 21, who came to the spa town to do a course in parliamentary work.

It is a mistake to believe that the 254 party members who won seats in the Rada are politicians, Zelensky’s spin-doctor is quoted as saying by TASS.

"Now you believe that all of you are politicians. It is a big mistake," he said underscoring that each lawmaker won the election thanks to Zelensky.

"How did you get in here? You are here because the voter was looking for people nominated from the Servant of the People political party. They did not care about a surname. Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky won that election," Poturayev went on.

He also pointed out that the winners in the election from Servant of the People "are not a party yet."

"You are not a party yet, but you will have to make one. You will have to become political actors," the strategist added. "You were nobody, but those who will stay will become someone."

Poturayev’s speech received mixed response from the audience, as some were outraged by his remarks.

The Kiev School of Economics was earlier reported to read a weeklong "educational course" for the MPs from Servant of the People elected to the parliament on July 21. The course touches upon the current state of the economy, the budget process and legislative activities.

Candidates from Servant of the People secured 124 seats by party lists and 130 more seats from single-mandate constituencies at the parliament. Experts say that the election was won by the "brand," but not by individuals. In fact, the party brought many dark horses to the parliament. Celebrities and journalists, although making an exception, had never done politics before either. Despite that, Servant of the People candidates won in all single-mandate constituencies, even in Kiev.

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