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Internet to Be Inoculated

A team of Tel-Aviv University researchers specializing in protection of computer data, headed by Eran Shir, claim they have found a means to speed up the reaction to the appearance of new viruses in the Internet.

Unknown computer viruses, when getting in the Web, begin proliferating at a great speed and do that until the developers of the anti-virus software have studied them and have "taught" the anti-viruses to identify the pernicious programs. This may take quite a long time, and the virus, having got in the Web, may create a lot of problems both to individual users and huge corporations.

The Israeli scientists propose to set up a network of computer traps, called "honeypots", which, like flypaper, would attracts new viruses, automatically analyze them and take counter-measures. Individual machines designed to save the Internet from new attacks would be interconnected by separately protected channels, and in case a server detects a pernicious program, the other servers would immediately go into action propagating an "antidote" in the network.
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