Syrian Kurds accuse Turkey of using banned weapons / News / News agency Inforos
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Syrian Kurds accuse Turkey of using banned weapons

Syrian Kurds accuse Turkey of using banned weapons

The Syrian Kurds have accused Turkey of using banned weapons during military activities in the city of Ras al-Ayn in northeastern Syria, the Rudaw media network reported on Thursday.

"There are a lot of fears that prohibited weapons are being used in Sari Kani. Wounds we treat at the hospitals are not normal injuries at all," head of the Rojava Health Board Dr. Manal Mohammed said, as cited by the news outlet. "Our health board is currently investigating to find out what type of weapon is being used against us," he added.

Meanwhile, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Spokesman Mustafa Bali has called on the international community to launch a special investigation. According to him, Kurdish forces are facing a lack of experts, while foreign experts have been evacuated from northern Syria, TASS reports.

According to Rudaw, Turkish troops could be using "banned weapons containing phosphorus and napalm."

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar earlier said that terrorists active in Syria might use chemical weapons, putting the blame on Ankara.

On October 9, Ankara announced the launch of Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria. The operation’s goal is said to create a buffer zone along the Turkish border, where, according to Ankara, Syrian refugees residing in Turkey could return. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) slammed the operation as aggression. The international community condemned Ankara’s move.

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