Russia expects to cooperate with China on Syrian recovery / News / News agency Inforos
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Russia expects to cooperate with China on Syrian recovery

Russia expects to cooperate with China on Syrian recovery

Moscow hopes to cooperate with Beijing on Syria’s post-conflict recovery, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said in an article published in the International Affairs magazine.

"Beijing is raising its profile in Syrian affairs, which opens up the possibility of China participating in the post-conflict recovery along with Russia and other states as the situation in Syria noticeably improves," the senior diplomat stated. "We aim to cooperate with China extensively in resolving Syria’s current issues and promoting the soonest normalization of the lives of the Syrian people. We commend Russian-Chinese cooperation against the peremptory attempts by the West to accuse Damascus of chemical attacks and in this context, impose unnatural attributive functions to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons," TASS reports.

Speaking of Russian-Chinese international cooperation, Morgulov pointed out the similar approach of both countries regarding the situation in Venezuela. "The attempts to carry out an unlawful coup in Venezuela with active outside support cause a deeply negative reaction among sensible people," he noted. "Moscow and Beijing do not approve of "color revolutions", regardless of which appealing mottos are being used. The only acceptable way to regulate the situation in the Bolivarian Republic is to launch inter-Venezuelan dialogue between the conflict parties with the aim to reach a political and legal solution to the crisis."

"As for the international community, Beijing and we both think that it must aid this process instead of meddling in the domestic affairs of a sovereign state," the diplomat stressed.

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