North Korean nuclear talks require reciprocal steps / News / News agency Inforos
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North Korean nuclear talks require reciprocal steps

North Korean nuclear talks require reciprocal steps

The talks on ironing out the North Korean nuclear issue should be based on reciprocal steps towards Pyongyang, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the fourth Moscow Nonproliferation Conference on Friday.

"The Korean Peninsula’s nuclear issue can be only settled through diplomatic methods based on dialogue between all interested countries," Lavrov said. "A full-fledged launch of denuclearization process will become a reality only provided that political talks move forward based on reciprocal steps by concerned parties," TASS reports.

Russia’s top diplomat recalled that Russia and China outlined particular proposals on how to effectively reach this goal in their roadmap. The document envisages comprehensive settlement of the situation around the Korean Peninsula, creating the system of guarantees and security measures in the region and then in the framework of steps, which will be soon coordinated with participants of the six-party talks (Russia, North Korea, South Korea, China, the US and Japan).

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