Kids evacuated from Iraq arrive in Russia’s Far East / News / News agency Inforos
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Kids evacuated from Iraq arrive in Russia’s Far East

Kids evacuated from Iraq arrive in Russia’s Far East

Two Russian kids evacuated from Iraq have arrived in the Primorsky region in Russia’s Far East where their grandmother lives, Children’s Rights Commissioner for Primorsky Regional Governor Irina Medvedeva told TASS on Monday.

On November 18, the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s special flight from Iraq brought 32 children aged between one and nine to Russia. All of these children had been found at jails and orphanages in Baghdad. Upon arrival to Russia, they were taken to the Russian Health Ministry’s National Medical Research Center for Children's Health for a thorough medical examination.

"The kids have arrived," Medvedeva said. "We are going to meet with their grandmother, paperwork is underway, the family is receiving all the necessary assistance. The children felt fine during the flight, the medical examination in Moscow did not reveal any health issues," the commissioner added.

The problem of Russian children in Iraq and Syria emerged after certain Russian citizens joined the ranks of the Islamic State terror group (outlawed in Russia) in the region. Many of them brought their wives and kids with them, while others concluded marriages or fathered children in Iraq and Syria. Many of those children were orphaned as a result of hostilities.

In 2017, the children’s rights commissioner set up an inter-agency commission to facilitate the return of Russian children from war zones. Together with the Foreign Ministry, the Emergencies Ministry, the Interior Ministry, the Health Ministry and other state agencies, the commission developed a roadmap for the return of Russian kids from Iraq. As many as 122 children have so far been brought back home.

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