NATO steps up activities along Russia’s borders / News / News agency Inforos
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NATO steps up activities along Russia’s borders

NATO steps up activities along Russia’s borders

NATO aircraft have stepped up their activities along Russia’s western borders in 2019, Baltic Fleet Commander Admiral Alexander Nosatov said in a statement on Monday.

"Surveillance vessels belonging to Western countries permanently remain near areas where the Baltic Fleet conducts training. The number of flights that surveillance aircraft carried out along our land and sea borders has exceeded 800 this year, compared to 578 in 2018. The number of flights conducted by war planes has doubled, exceeding 400," TASS quoted the admiral as saying.

According to the statement, "on some days, fighter jets from the Baltic Fleet are scrambled several times to intercept potential air border violators."

The commander pointed out that the Baltic Fleet kept a close eye on such actions on the part of Western countries, constantly tracking NATO’s ships and aircraft. "I say with full authority that the Baltic Fleet has sufficient resources and capabilities to thwart any possible aggression," Nosatov emphasized.

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