Several rockets fall near US Embassy in Baghdad / News / News agency Inforos
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Several rockets fall near US Embassy in Baghdad

Several rockets fall near US Embassy in Baghdad

No one was injured when several rockets fell near the US Embassy in the Iraqi capital, Al-Hadas, TV channel reported on Monday.

According to the channel, two missiles exploded in this area of the Iraqi capital, where state institutions and foreign diplomatic missions, including the US embassy, are located. Along with the attacks, air raid sirens went off.

"Two rockets fell some time ago in the green zone in the center of Baghdad," sources of the Al-Sumariya channel in the Iraqi capital’s security forces indicated. "There were no casualties from the shelling." According to sources, rockets were fired from an area in the east of the capital, TASS reports.

The Green Zone is a well-fortified area in the center of Baghdad, where government offices and foreign diplomatic missions are located. In recent months, it has repeatedly been subjected to rocket and mortar attacks, which resulted in injuries and deaths among the Iraqis. Washington DC repeatedly accused the pro-Iranian militias and groups operating in Iraq of involvement in them.

On January 26, five rockets were fired at the Green Zone. Three of them fell directly to the territory of the US Embassy, and one got into the dining room, where dinner was taking place at that moment. As-Sumariya, citing a source in the security services, then reported three victims, without specifying their citizenship. The channel also claimed that several people had been evacuated from the territory of the diplomatic mission in American helicopters.

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