WHO says Russia prepares for coronavirus spread ‘well’ / News / News agency Inforos
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WHO says Russia prepares for coronavirus spread ‘well’

WHO says Russia prepares for coronavirus spread ‘well’

Russian healthcare system prepares for potential increase of coronavirus cases well, WHO Representative to the Russian Federation Melita Vujnovic said Wednesday.

Earlier, the WHO developed recommendations for countries on preparation to COVID-19 spread.

"[Russian] healthcare system prepares well: the number of beds and everything necessary is well calculate. Everything is ready for those who might need high-technology aid - and we know that 20% of the infected develop pneumonia and require lung ventilation," Vujnovich said.

According to existing research data, the coronavirus infection causes complications - including those requiring oxygen support - in one case out of five. Elderly people and people with chronic diseases are under biggest risk, TASS reports.

Vujnovich noted that Russia complies with all WHO recommendations which would allow to contain the virus spread.

"Those include monitoring of people who were in contact [with the infected] or in risk zone, and of all their contacts as well, mass testing. […] Isolation with very good conditions, quarantine," she said. "Besides, we observe as Moscow implements the so-called ‘social distance’ in a bid to reduce people’s ability to attend mass events," she added.

The coronavirus outbreak, which began in late 2019 in China, has spread to over 130 countries and the WHO recognized it as a global pandemic. Russia has registered 147 infection cases so far.

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