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Russia and Byelorussia adopt a Union Budget

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Russia and Byelorussia has approved a final version of the Union State Budget for 2006. The budget revenues and expenditures constitute 3.1 billion Russian Rubles.

Russia's share in the Union Budget represents 1.76 billion Rubles, and Byelorussia will contribute 948 million. The remaining amount will be covered by Byelorussia paying up its 2000-2003 budget share arrears coming up to 259 million Rubles.

82 percent of the budget is allotted to fund the 40 joint programs, projects and events. 30.8 percent will go to industry, power engineering and construction, 12.5 percent to military-technical cooperation, 7.8 percent to law-enforcement activities and security of the Union State, 12.7 percent to social projects, health, emergency situations, education, culture and mass media and 6.9 percent to the upkeep of the bureaucratic apparatus of the Union State.

According to chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly Commission for Budget and Finances, Vladimir Nikitin, "about 540 million Rubles have not yet been assigned for any specific purpose, which however doesn't mean that they are extra, it only means that the completion of some programs has been delayed".

Atop of that, Russia and Byelorussia have set up a reserve fund of the Union State amounting to 3 million Rubles, which would be used at the discretion of the Council of Ministers of the Union State.
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