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Bioweapons: US must respond

Washington has been urged for transparency concerning biological weapons programs

Bioweapons: US must respond

According to Chinese military experts, the US will not respond to an international request about its biological laboratories to conceal Washington's bioweapons research underway. Pundits believe that China and Russia, aiming to put pressure on the United States, may launch an international inquiry into the activities of biological laboratories around the world, including those run by the United States. And there are some one and a half thousand of those, as the Chinese English-language newspaper Global Times notes.

The outlet states that the United States cannot simply refer to all the reasonable requests about its biological laboratories as "conspiracy theories", and before accusing the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan as the COVID-19 pandemic source, unsupported by any evidence, it must take questions about its own biolabs. This primarily concerns the one at the Pentagon-owned United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) in Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Hardly anybody in the world turned attention to the fact that back on August 5, 2019, the New York Times published an article stating that the government shut down a deadly germ study at the army's Fort Detrick laboratory "over safety concerns." This happened after a wave of pulmonary pneumonia or similar diseases was observed in the US in August that year, which the American authorities attributed to the "vapor" of electronic cigarettes. In this regard, some scientists, particularly from Japan and Taiwan, believe that the symptoms and condition of diseased Americans could not be explained that way, and it might quite well have been the coronavirus raging across the world today.

In testimony of this version, scientists cite the fact that in September 2019, Hawaii saw some Japanese citizens infected – people who had never been to China, with infections occurring in the United States long before the Wuhan outbreak, but soon after the Fort Detrick laboratory shutdown. After that, the Chinese social media revealed information confirming the above fact, but with some further particulars. Specifically, it was pointed out that five "foreign" athletes and other personnel who visited Wuhan for the Military World Games (October 18-27, 2019) were hospitalized due to an unknown infection.

It should be noted here that Russia has repeatedly expressed its concern to the United States about biological laboratories in neighboring countries, namely Georgia and Ukraine, but Washington has consistently ignored those warnings. The reason for that is simple – the United States is plainly concealing its biological weapons program.

By the way, the United States has had sophisticated capabilities for developing chemical and biological weapons since the Cold War, and it used them during the Vietnam war, for instance Agent Orange that caused serious damage and claimed the lives of not only Vietnamese civilians, but also American soldiers.

Washington's unwillingness to support the idea of a Protocol to the 1972 Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction in order to create a verification mechanism makes us give thought to the goals the United States is trying to achieve abroad. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently touched upon this issue at a press conference after an online meeting of SCO Foreign Ministers. He stated the following, among other things: "These [American] laboratories are densely located along the borders of the Russian Federation and, consequently, close to the borders of the People's Republic of China."

It is no secret that Russia and China, being the key strategic competitors of the United States, appear as targets, for which reason Washington has created these laboratories in countries neighboring its two principal rivals. It is no mere chance thereupon that this fact causes justified anxiety in Moscow and Beijing that believe the United States should be transparent and respond to concerns of the international community over its biological laboratories, including the true causes for the shutdown of the USAMRIID laboratory at Fort Detrick.

So far, this is clearly not observed, and the US is exceedingly politicizing the coronavirus, throwing the book at China, which may well backfire on Washington. Here's what the Global Times writes in this regard: "If the US wants to launch an international investigation into Wuhan P4 lab, China and Russia can also initiate an investigation at the UN Security Council on all labs capable of researching bio-weapons. If China and Russia, the two influential UN Security Council permanent members, propose the investigation at the UN of all P4 and P3 labs worldwide, most member states will vote for it except the US, and this will embarrass Washington."

According to the Global Times, combating coronavirus should be a people's war, with everything guided by science. But in the United States, the whip hand remains with politicians who ignore the expert view and do not learn from their own mistakes, seeking to shift all the responsibility on to China. According to the outlet, America will fail to defeat COVID-19 until it abandons attempts to politicize the pandemic.

And it is hard to disagree with this view by the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

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