Russia plans 24 export flights from abroad until June 10 / News / News agency Inforos
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Russia plans 24 export flights from abroad until June 10

Russia plans 24 export flights from abroad until June 10

Russia’s Communications Ministry has updated the schedule of export flights from abroad up to June 10, according to a message posted on the Telegram channel created by the ministry for the return of Russians to their homeland.

Russian airlines are to make 24 export flights until this date. On May 28, Goa - St. Petersburg - Moscow and Tashkent - Rostov-on-Don flights will take place. On May 29, export flights are planned for Istanbul - Antalya - Moscow, Dushanbe - Moscow, Frankfurt am Main - Moscow, Tashkent - St. Petersburg and Paris – Moscow, TASS reports.

On May 30, seven flights are planned right away: Bangkok - St. Petersburg - Moscow, London - St. Petersburg - Moscow, New York - Yekaterinburg - Novosibirsk and New York - Rostov-on-Don - Makhachkala. Also on May 30, flights will take place from Dushanbe to St. Petersburg, from Beirut to Krasnodar and from Chisinau to Moscow. The schedule for May 31 includes a flight from Delhi to Moscow, as well as Miami - St. Petersburg - Moscow and Athens - Moscow flights.

The ministry added that on June 2 another flight from Delhi to Moscow is scheduled, as well as Seoul - Vladivostok - Moscow and Madrid - Moscow flights. The flight Guangzhou - Vladivostok - Moscow is planned for June 3, the flight from Paris to Moscow will take place on June 5, Tashkent-Novosibirsk and Cairo - Moscow flights are scheduled for June 6 and 10.

On Monday, the ministry’s press service told TASS that more than 60,000 citizens of the Russian Federation, who are still in other countries, have applied for an export flight. The largest number of stranded Russians is registered in Thailand (almost 8,000), the USA (4,200) and in India (4,000).

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