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UK report on Russia surprising only by lack of Brexit accusations

UK report on Russia surprising only by lack of Brexit accusations

The Intelligence and Security Committee of UK Parliament report on the Russia is surprising only by lack of accusations of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum, head of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev says, adding that all allegations in the report are unfounded and unconvincing.

"If there is one thing that is surprising in the [committee] report on ‘Russian meddling’, it is the withdrawal of accusations over Brexit. Everything else is there in full and piled up - from Scotland to the world order, which Russia also seeks to undermine," Kosachev wrote in his Facebook, TASS reports.

"As for the allegations - they are once again empty, unfounded and unconvincing. Pulling conspiracy theories out of their backside is a common vice of many Western politicians. It gets worse when it becomes a state policy. Although ‘worse’ is not the right word. It is dangerous," the senator added.

Kosachev is certain that the reason behind the publication of such an odious report lies in UK’s attempts to "take back the European leadership by any cost."

"Brexit unavoidably raises new challenges before the UK - both internal and external. And to be holier than Uncle Sam in the internal affairs, not only riding, but generating trends - is a very lucrative perspective," Kosachev noted.

The committee head expressed his regret that "Russia was once again chosen as a target for the exorbitant ambitions."

"Nobody in Europe will benefit from it. As nobody did from Brexit and other beginnings of the former ‘ruler of the waves’ in a wider geopolitical context," he underscored.

According to the published report, the UK parliamentary committee found no proof that Russia sought to affect the outcome of the 2016 Brexit referendum. Meanwhile, the UK lawmakers believe that improvement of relations between Moscow and London is impossible at this point. In particular, the committee claims that Russia carries out "malicious cyber activity," by involving organized criminal groups. The committee also claims that Russia sought to influence the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence.

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