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Ukrainian trap for Biden

Former New York Mayor and President Trump's personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani has announced new corruption facts in Ukraine

Ukrainian trap for Biden

Ukrainegate keeps unfolding with renewed vigor. Recently, lawyer and adviser to the current White House head Rudolph Giuliani presented another batch of scandalous revelations about corruption in Ukraine and the culpability of former Obama's Vice President Joseph Biden. The lawyer posted his 40-minute video on the Internet.

According to Giuliani, most of the foreign aid to Ukraine worth $5.3 billion ($3 billion came from the United States) was stolen. Having a hand in this were former Vice President Biden and billionaire George Soros, with his extremely negative attitude to Donald Trump. Among others, the last three US ambassadors in Kiev Jeffrey Payette, Marie Yovanovitch, and William Taylor came into the picture. All the three were stooges of the Obama administration, with Joe Biden being a point man; "this episode is the tip of the iceberg, much more to come," Giuliani says on his own YouTube channel.

According to him, American taxpayers' money was stolen through a network of grants allocated to various NGOs, and any corruption inquiry while distributing international financial aid was blocked by Washington, as well as by the administration of former Ukrainian President and Biden's great friend Petro Poroshenko. In the video, Giuliani shows a 2017 English-written document of Ukraine's Accounting Chamber which was handed to him by Verkhovna Rada Deputy Andrii Derkach.

It bears reminding that in February, US Attorney General William Barr said the country's Department of Justice would "keep the door open" for Rudolph Giuliani and his information about the Biden family's possible wrongdoings. According to a number of Western media, odds are good as regards Ukrainegate-related criminal cases that will deal a heavy blow to Trump's political opponents – the Democrats, and their most likely candidate for US presidency Joe Biden.

Apparently, the time is ripe for Giuliani to seize the opportunity provided by Barr. The best-working moment for this, we note. After all, his boss is not doing well in the election campaign right now. The coronavirus, and then a wave of mass protests across the country under the auspices of the Black Lives Mater movement over the death of an African-American man, George Floyd, at the hands of police officers, had severely undermined Donald Trump's position. According to the latest July opinion polls, he cedes 10 to 15 percentage points to Biden.

Joe Biden's success sort of made the current US President start reshuffling his election staff. In particular, the campaign manager was replaced by William Stepien, who actively helped Trump during the 2016 election, and has a generally rich political experience.

President Trump said the other day that Joe Biden's possible election victory would entail the destruction of America. According to the head of state, this will be facilitated by radical representatives of the Democratic left wing, who have taken total control of their presidential candidate.

Apparently concerned about this presidential race scenario, Donald Trump decided to use the proof armor as represented by his legal adviser Rudolph Giuliani, who subsequently made another disclosure of Democrat Joe Biden's corruption ties. Moreover, Giuliani has obtained consent from the country's Attorney General.

Let us recall that in December last year, Rudolph Giuliani released a three-part film about corruption in Ukraine involving representatives of the US democratic party. Among other things, the film dwelt on the activities of Joe Biden's son Hunter in the Ukrainian oil company Burisma while his father oversaw the Ukrainian direction, and about his involvement in money laundering. Besides, Giuliani tried to collect witnesses and evidence that the Democrats, having launched impeachment proceedings against Trump, tried to conceal malpractice by Burisma and the involvement of Hunter Biden, who was on its Board of Directors, in laundering millions of dollars. Potentially, we note, the inquiry may give rise to criminal cases against those involved in the story.

Turning up the pressure was the May scandal, when Andrii Derkach published 2015-2016 phone conversation recordings between then President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and then US Vice President Joe Biden and US Secretary of State John Kerry. Participants in the conversation actively discussed the internal policy of Ukraine, namely the resignation of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who used to investigate the illegal activities of the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma, where Biden's son Hunter worked. It is clear from the conversation that Poroshenko actually coordinated all of his actions with American high-ranking officials. Journalists compared the disclosure with a bombshell effect. Although, by and large, they did not contain any super-revelations. Everyone closely following the situation in Ukraine comprehends this country's being externally managed by the United States.

Anyway, Ukrainegate is not over yet, and the media hype may seriously affect the reputation of Joe Biden as the potential Democratic candidate for the presidential chair. Much as for the entire course of the US election campaign, since the cases concerning Ukrainian corruption and American engagement in them have already become a staple of the current presidential race.

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