US Funding "Flower Revolution" in Byelorussia through Kiev / News / News agency Inforos
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US Funding "Flower Revolution" in Byelorussia through Kiev

Sunday night Byelorussian state TV showed pre-completed exit-poll forms designed to make believe that an opposition candidate has won the presidential election slated for March 19.

The forms of the exit-poll conducted presumably by the Vilnius branch of US statistical service "Gallup" were seized on the premises of a certain unregistered organization "Partnership". The forms bear a date – March 19, 2006.

The bogus forms have been seized by Byelorussian law enforcement personnel. Shown on the TV film were documents claiming that, judging by exit-poll results from 107 polling stations, the united opposition candidate, Alexander Milinkevich, would have won 53.7 percent of the ballot.

The current Byelorussian president, Alexander Lukashenko, according to the seized forms, would have won 41.3 percent, chairman of the Byelorussian Social-Democratic Party "Gramada" Alexander Kozulin – 3.8 percent, and chairman of the Liberal-Democratic Party Sergei Gaidukevich – 1.2 percent.

Speaking in the TV program, head of the Center for Information and Public Relations of the Byelorussian KGB, Valery Nadtochayev, said that the funding of the "Partnership" group was channeled through the US National Democratic Institute (NDI). He added that NDI activities on Byelorussian soil were guided from its Kiev branch.

Last week the Byelorussian KGB instituted a criminal charge against four senior officials of the "Partnership" organization. They were charged with creating an organization infringing on citizens' rights and duties. At present they are all in KGB's custody.

As was reported, during her visit to Lithuania at the end of April last year US State Secretary Condoleezza Rice called Byelorussia "the last true dictatorship in Central Europe". It was "time for changes" in that country, she said.

But the US did not stop at making statements. At its session of April 21, 2005, US Senate unanimously approved a bill introduced by the Bush administration proposing additional spending from US Budget. It envisioned, in particular, allocating $5 million for programs supporting democracy in Byelorussia.

Within the framework of additional spending, $5 million would go to promote democracy in Byelorussia, the program to be implemented under guidance of the US Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, said the document approved by the upper house of US Congress.
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