Moldova opens border for citizens of Russia and some other countries / News / News agency Inforos
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Moldova opens border for citizens of Russia and some other countries

Moldova opens border for citizens of Russia and some other countries

Moldova opens the border for citizens of Russia and a number of other countries after an almost six-month break, according to the decision taken by the National Emergency Public Health Commission.

Local epidemiologists also allowed Chisinau to renew contacts with a number of other countries.

However, the ban on entry to Moldova for residents of countries the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection put on the so-called list of countries of the "red zone" remains.

Now the list includes 53 states, including the neighboring countries of Romania and Ukraine, as well as Armenia, Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, France and a number of others. An exception is made for foreigners who are relatives of Moldovan citizens, or who have the right to permanent or temporary residence in the republic, the right to work or study in the country, for representatives of the diplomatic corps and members of their families, as well as transit passengers.

The list of countries of the "red zone" will be updated by the authorities of the republic every 14 days and published on Friday, and will come into force on Monday next week. For citizens of Moldova returning to the republic from the countries of the "red zone", there is still a need to serve a 14-day quarantine, TASS reports.

Earlier, Moldova resumed flights with all countries. At the same time, Russia did not open regular flights with the republic. This destination is served by special export flights, which must be registered through consular services or embassies.

Coronavirus in Moldova

The epidemiological situation in the republic remains tense. At the same time, most of the restrictions were gradually canceled here.

Public transport, markets, shops, cafes, gyms and beauty salons resumed functioning. At the same time, the country bans mass events and gatherings of more than 50. People are obliged to wear protective masks in public places and check the body temperature at the entrance.

According to the Ministry of Health of Moldova, as of August 31, 36,920 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the country, which is 1% of the population of the republic (including the unrecognized Transnistria). The total number of those tested reached 207,720 (5.9% of the population). The spread of the virus is currently 0.8.

10,053 people are being treated in hospitals and at home, including 541 who are in serious condition. 32 patients are connected to artificial lung ventilation devices. The number of deaths has reached 995.

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