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Armenia Ready to Recognize Nagorny Karabakh

Armenia Ready to Recognize Nagorny Karabakh
Armenia will recognize Nagorny Karabakh's independence de-jure in case Armenian-Azeri talks on settling the Nagorny Karabakh problem should become deadlocked, said Armenian President Robert Kocharian.

"Though the meeting in Rambuillet has failed to produce any results, talks are continuing and there is still chance to succeed. Should, for some reason, the negotiations come to a dead-end, it will be the worst scenario possible. But Armenia must be ready for any scenario", said R. Kocharian.

He added that in case of failure of the talks Armenia would recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic de-jure.

A second step would be to create a legal base defining Armenia's responsibility for the security of Nagorny Karabakh's population. For that purpose, it is proposed to sign a whole number of agreements stating that encroachment on Nagorny Karabakh would signify encroachment on Armenia.

A third step envisioned by Armenia's leadership would be strengthening the existing security zone around Nagorny Karabakh.

The Armenian president also stressed the necessity of giving an impetus to the integration processes between Armenia and Nagorny Karabakh in the field of defense. For that purpose, he said, democratic reforms, effective economic development and a corresponding economic growth must be ensured. Armenia does have the potential required for that, said the R. Kocharian.

Talks on the settlement of the Nagorny Karabakh problem had been held in Rambuillet (France). However, the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan had failed to meet halfway in their dispute on the status of the autonomy.

As is known, at the end of 2005 Azeri minister of defense Safar Abiyev had voiced his idea of the possible course of events in case Armenia should recognize Nagorny Karabakh's independence. In his view, such a step might lead to a renewal of hostilities. Azeri president Ilkham Aliyev had not ruled out such a possibility either. In his words, Azerbaijan should be ready for any eventuality, therefore military build-up should be accelerated and military spending increased.

The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia broke out in 1988. The object of the conflict was territory of Nagorny Karabakh. The Armenians who were a majority of the region's population announced its separation from Azerbaijan in accordance with the appropriate USSR law in force at the time. In 1992-94 the total of 35,000 people died as a result of hostilities, which were suspended on May 12, 1994, after a ceasefire agreement had been signed.
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