Protesters seize Kyrgyzstan’s parliament building in Bishkek / News / News agency Inforos
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Protesters seize Kyrgyzstan’s parliament building in Bishkek

Protesters seize Kyrgyzstan’s parliament building in Bishkek

Rioters protesting against the outcome of Kyrgyzstan’s parliamentary polls seized the parliament building in Bishkek, a TASS correspondent reported on Tuesday.

After two-hour clashes with police officers the groups of protesters broke through the compound near the parliament’s building, which also houses the Kyrgyz leader’s administration.

The security guards left their posts. Earlier, sources in the presidential administration said that neither staff nor lawmakers had been in the building since midnight (21:00 Moscow Time).

More than 130 people, including police and medical workers, were injured and rushed to hospital after the riots in Bishkek on Monday, according to preliminary data. A police patrol car was set on fire and six ambulance vehicles were damaged, TASS reports.

Protesters took to the streets in downtown Bishkek on Monday morning to challenge the outcome of parliamentary polls. Members of more than 10 political parties, which failed to secure seats in the legislature, took part in the rally. They demanded a rerun election and the cancellation of results. These parties accused the authorities of using an administrative resource and vote buying. The leaders of 12 parties signed a demand that the Central Election Commission cancel the election results.

Around 5,000-6,000 people took part in the rally. Police started dispersing the rioters by the evening, triggering clashes. At first, police managed to force the protesters from the central square but several hours later they returned there. The protests against the election outcome were held on the same day in three regional centers - Talas, Naryn and Karakol. 

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