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Ukraine reports 37% turnout at local elections

Ukraine reports 37% turnout at local elections

The turnout at the local elections that were held in Ukraine on Sunday has approximately reached 37%, the Ukrainian Central Election Commission (CEC) head Oleg Didenko told a briefing.

"As of 22:00 (local time), the CEC received data from 97% of territorial electoral commissions. According to this data, the turnout stands at 37%," he said.

Didenko noted that this number is almost 10 percentage points lower than the local election turnout in 2015 (46.6%). "In the quarantine, a trend can be seen that turnout decreases by about 10%," he explained. The highest turnout was registered in the Ternopol Region (46.77%), while the lowest was recorded in the Donetsk Region (31.67%), TASS reports.

On Sunday, Ukraine held the local elections. Voting stations were working across the country except a part of Donbass uncontrolled by Kiev and a few areas adjacent to the line of contact. The CEC is already tallying the votes.

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