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Protest rally in Georgia’s Tbilisi ending

Protest rally in Georgia’s Tbilisi ending

Protesters, who joined the demonstration near the Central Election Commission (CEC) office in Georgia’s Tbilisi to voice their disagreement with the results of the recent general elections, have decided to wrap the rally up and gather again on Monday at 18:00 local time near the parliament building, an opposition leader Alexander Elisashvili announced.

"Now, we will leave in a calm, peaceful and organized manner. We are going to rest to gather again tomorrow at six," he addressed the protesters. The demonstrators then started to leave the site.

Protesters started gathering near the CEC office after a protest rally near the parliament building was over. Opposition leaders spoke at the rally to put forward an ultimatum to the authorities to sack CEC chair Tamar Zhvania. Since these demands were ignored, opposition supporters decided to march to the CEC, TASS reports.

As tensions heightened a few times near the commission’s office, the police were forced to use water cannons to disperse the protesters as they tried to breach iron fencing to storm the CEC according to the Interior Ministry.

According to the Interior Ministry, tensions heightened after protesters decided to breach iron barriers. The police were forced to use water cannons to break up protesters.

On October 31, Georgia held parliamentary elections as 48 parties and political blocs vied for 150 seats. After ballots from all voting stations were counted, the ruling Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party gets 48.23% of the votes. All other parties that made it to the parliament refused to join the new convocation, slamming the elections as falsified.

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