Ukraine sees another rise in coronavirus cases / News / News agency Inforos
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Ukraine sees another rise in coronavirus cases

Ukraine sees another rise in coronavirus cases

As many as 14,496 coronavirus cases were recorded in Ukraine in the past 24 hours, up 10% compared to the day before, the country’s Health Minister Maxim Stepanov wrote on Facebook on Monday.

"Another 14,496 patients have been identified," he said, adding that there were 745 children and 614 medical workers among the new patients, TASS reports.

Stepanov pointed to a positive trend in the number of recoveries. "A total of 15,372 patients recovered from the coronavirus in the past day," he specified.

According to the Ukrainian Health Ministry, 1,739 coronavirus patients were taken to hospitals in the past 24 hours and 243 died.

Ukraine has so far recorded 772,760 cases, 384,426 recoveries and 12,960 fatalities. As many as 4,654,206 PCR coronavirus tests have been conducted in the country.

Ukraine recorded its first coronavirus case on March 3. Lockdown restrictions were introduced in the country on March 17, which were eased in the summer but had to be tightened again in the fall due to a rise in infections.

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