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Pakistan: Terrorists' Body Parts Found

The death toll in the Karachi terror attack has risen to 57, and many people have been listed as missing. Preliminary investigations suggest that the attack had been carried out by two suicide bombers who set off their deadly devices in the middle of a crowd of believers. The body parts, including the heads, of the suspected attackers have been found.

As has been reported earlier, the terrorist attack took place yesterday during an evening prayer held to mark the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Some 15,000 people belonging to the Sunni organization Jamaat-e-Ahle Sunnat had gathered at a city square after working hours. Several leaders of that organization, which has a massive following in Pakistan, have been reported as killed.

Security measures have been intensified in Karachi, the streets are being patrolled round-the-clock to prevent new disorders and protests against the bombings, shops and restaurants have been closed and sales of petrol at gas stations suspended.

A three-day mourning has been declared in the city, and all schools closed.
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