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10 years of Arab spring: US project ISIL*

That's the monster Brother Jonathan created and let "parade the world"

10 years of Arab spring: US project ISIL*

For those who doubt the presence of the evil American intent as regards Arab Spring developments, the recent days having witnessed overwhelming evidence of this – the international terrorist group "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL), banned in Russia, was created by US special services.

When I wrote about this back in 2014 with an eye on certain materials, many readers questioned this kind of statement, saying that the Americans could not drive growth of Islamist forces, because they allegedly suffered too much from the Islamists of Al-Qaeda (banned in the Russian Federation) and Bin Laden, who brought down the New York Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Despite the facts presented back then, many people remained unconvinced. My interlocutors even called ISIL a new form of Arab social organization meant to bring order and calm after the outbreak of Arab Spring. I hope that skeptics will scale back today, after the latest publications in The Washington Post itself.

The mentioned metropolitan newspaper claimed that ISIL 2019 leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi has been actively cooperating with the United States since 2008, while imprisoned in Iraq. The outlet writes: "In confidential interrogation reports, Iraqi detainee is depicted as a model prisoner, 'cooperative' with his American captors and unusually chatty... providing a lot of information on ISIL associates." In other words, ISIL's head was a traitor who got hooked by US special services.

Al-Qurashi took the ISIL helm after the Americans eliminated the group's first leader al-Baghdadi. He was also held in a prisoner-of-war camp outside Baghdad, where ISIL was created following the 2003 occupation of Iraq by the US army upon an undisguised intervention. Americans chose Al-Baghdadi from among the prisoners as the most suitable one to lead a new Islamist organization designed to fight the Assad government in Syria. After ISIL appeared, there were photos featuring al-Baghdadi having talks with US Senator John McCain. And when the ISIL mission in Syria failed, they got rid of him.

However, ISIL has played a sinister part in the history of Arab Spring, and it is critical to recollect this. One shouldn't forget that terrorists did not stop there and repurposed their ideology, methods of armed struggle and objectives of creating a New Caliphate far beyond Iraq and Syria. For the time being, they've got rooted in Africa and are creating a foothold in Europe.

Michael Klare, a Tom Dispatch online news outlet regular, described ISIL in the following manner: "This Sunni extremist group that controls large chunks of western Syria and northern Iraq, is a well-armed militia intent on creating an Islamic caliphate in the areas it controls. In some respects, it is a fanatical, sectarian religious organization engaged in a conventional nation-building project, seeking to create a fully functioning state with all its attributes."

"ISIL upholds totalitarian Salafi Islam, and therefore any form of religious dissent or a slightest nonconformity with Islamic rules is routinely considered equivalent to political dissidence and entails severe persecution. The first victims of totalitarianism are liberal Muslims failing to agree with the totalitarian interpretation of Islam," Atlantico (France) claimed.

That's the monster with astonishing habits and ideology America created in Iraq, having set it against not Syria alone, but also letting it "parade the world". The true policy of the United States is  "dirty business by proxy." It hates or can no longer stay above the radar itself, with their resources having gone off the boil, while the policy remains the same. The latest example is Ukraine being pitted against Russia in the interests of Biden and others of his ilk. It all started with Obama in 2013...

And a few days into the birth of ISIL in 2014, its fighters were seen to be equipped and armed from head to toe with cutting-edge American weapons, including armored vehicles, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile systems, helicopters and UAVs. Typical were columns of brand-new white Toyota Land Cruisers (where did they come from?), with Japan-based Toyota headquarters having apparently displayed no enthusiasm about such an advertising.

The essence of US policy in the Middle East was to look for "moderate" political Islam in the region, which America could coexist with and which did not incite hatred towards the West as a whole and America in particular. So, after 2013 witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood headed by Islamist President Mohammed Morsi collapse in Egypt, the Americans created ISIL in quest of new allies. It was even better suited for throwing things out of whack in the Middle East as compared to the MB. The establishment of an ISIL-led Caliphate and a Wahhabi ideology is a claim to redesigning the region in the name of Islam. With the Middle East being first, the next step includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa. Then it is planned to strengthen the Caliphate and assist the United States in its formation: Central Asia, Iran, and even the Muslim parts of Russia and China. The next stage is an Islam-friendly Europe. A proper thing? Villainous!

The integration between activities of these Islamists and US methods was so obvious that ISIL simply exhibited its pro-Western essence by publishing... an annual report of its "investment attractiveness" for some reason. The nearly 500-page document with numerous tables and designer screens featured an analysis of the organization's activities, its income and expenses, the efficiency of expired costs, and other consolidated reporting.

Later it turned out that ISIL, like large corporations, published regular annual reports providing detailed results of its performance, namely the number of bombings, assassinations, suicide bombings, captured cities, as well as new fighters who joined their green banner. The 2013 report read, for instance, that 10,000 missions were performed in Iraq, including 1,000 murders, 4,000 bombings, and hundreds of revolutionary figures released from prison. What's the object of doing that? You probably won't believe me but those reports were meant to attract investors and sponsors.

Reporting bears compelling evidence that this is a highly organized paramilitary structure with transparent political goals and corporate methods of scheduling and accomplishing those, Britain's Financial Times wrote. According to the outlet, ISIL's social media modus operandi exceeds the level of organization at most US companies.

Jihad, at the behest of Brother Jonathan, became a self-sustained business – the CIA no longer had to spend its funds for the agents' active measures. The speculation of oil stolen from the occupied territories of Iraq and Syria alone yielded the Islamists a daily $1 million. Turkey topped the list of buyers. This lasted until oil carrier convoys were destroyed by the Russian aircraft that arrived in Syria a year after ISIL had appeared there.

At the end of the day, the Russian Air Force helped the Syrian army defeat ISIL's main force, and this American project in the Arab Republic's territory is no longer as active and scary as it used to be. But its appearance and promotion by the Americans had a major impact on the Arab Spring developments. Russia responded after the ISIL Islamists had joined the battle, because there were almost 10 thousand people from the CIS countries fighting in their ranks. Their brawled and fought and sank into their graves...

However, ISIL ideas live on, although unable to win. But Brother Jonathan does keep it around, having redeployed a strong Islamist force to Afghanistan, where they are now busy making it clear with the Taliban as to who wears the pants.

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