Immune layer against coronavirus in Russia constantly dwindling / News / News agency Inforos
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Immune layer against coronavirus in Russia constantly dwindling

Immune layer against coronavirus in Russia constantly dwindling

The immune layer against the coronavirus infection in Russia has been constantly decreasing because the vaccination process against it is sluggish while residents got tired of observing preventive measures, Chief of Medicine of the Lider Meditsiny medical center, pediatric infectious diseases specialist Yevgeny Timakov told TASS on Wednesday.

"Due to the fact that the inoculation process is very sluggish and there is no active mass vaccination like in other countries, a very small percentage of people here have been immunized. The immune layer here is constantly being lost. People are tired of wearing masks, don’t want to anymore. So, everybody who is susceptible will get sick which is what’s happening," he said.

According to the expert, herd immunity to the coronavirus infection is not increasing, it remains at a stable level: some part of it is being lost while another part is being acquired anew. "Accordingly, since the virus is becoming more communicative, it will affect those people who were resistant to previous strains and now will be susceptible to this one. The coronavirus infection will affect everyone, nobody can get away from it," the expert stated.

The expert also noted that the coronavirus infection began to affect more and more children. "Until there is herd, normal, targeted immunity which is formed only by inoculation, it gives a more active immunity as experience shows, we will constantly have this low-scale increase in incidence," he concluded.

On Wednesday, the federal anti-coronavirus crisis center reported that Russia has detected 10,407 cases of the coronavirus infection over the past 24 hours which is the highest since March 7.

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