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Pentagon concerned

In Iraq and Syria, there is an increase in attack cases against the Americans

Pentagon concerned

Today, on July 12, the US Congress will discuss the situation concerning US military and administrative facilities in Iraq and Syria, as well as Defense Department's proposals to strengthen their protection.

The Pentagon is concerned about the increased number of armed attacks against American military bases and diplomatic missions in Iraq and military garrisons in Syria. Since the beginning of July alone, the US Consulate in Erbil, the Embassy in Baghdad and two major air bases have been recurrently hit by rocket artillery and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Thus, July 8 saw the US Air Force Ayn al Asad base hit with 14 rocket projectiles, with two American servicemen wounded.

On July 9, air defense systems deployed next to the US embassy in Baghdad prevented the attack of two UAVs against facilities of the diplomatic mission. However, according to Pentagon spokesman Colonel John Kirby, the frequency of armed attacks on American facilities in Iraq is on the rise.

Spokeswoman for the US military department Jessica McNulty said: "The United States reserves the right to respond at a time and place of our choosing to protect and defend our people."

The US military and diplomats accuse the People's Self-Defense units loyal to Iran and the Hezbollah Iraqi branch of arranging and conducting armed attacks in Iraq. In Washington itself, some Congressmen are calling for both stringent retaliatory measures against the militants and strikes against Iran. They also urge President Biden to capture US military capabilities in the region to suppress pro-Iranian detachments, as well as to take a tougher stance against Tehran.

The situation is no better in neighboring Syria, where the last armed attack on the Americans occurred on July 11 this year outside the al-Omar oil field in the country's eastern part. This has been the third attack involving rocket artillery this month.

In July, two attacks were carried out against the north-eastern Conoco oil refinery. The intensity of force action is growing. According to Pentagon representatives, no one from the US military has been injured yet.

Today, a proposal will be submitted to the US Congress to repeal the law introduced under Donald Trump, which prevents the president from independently deciding on the use of armed forces in case of urgent expediency without securing approval of American lawmakers. It's a safe bet that the decision will favor Biden, after all.

The American military and diplomats will be certainly enthusiastic in their reaction to the abolition of the law. Washington will undoubtedly start lashing back at provocations, without restraining the scale of violence. But this will be yet another war, the one against the Iraqi and Syrian Shiites. (The Americans, however, blame terrorists with the Islamic State banned in Russia for attacking them in Syria).

In any case, Brother Jonathan will directly and implicitly get into the internal conflicts of these countries, and US heavy-handed action will contribute to a wider resistance activity and the search for weak points in the enemy's defense so as to carry out sabotage with heavy human losses among US troops in Iraq or Syria.

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