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Dispatches from the US Covid wars

Chief Medical Adviser urges Americans to stay home while the elite parties

Dispatches from the US Covid wars

A snapshot of America today. It was alleged last weekend that at a baseball game between the hometown Colorado Rockies and the visiting Miami Marlins, a fan shouted racial slurs at an African American player. Rockies management quickly tweeted their ‘disgust’. Upon reviewing the footage though, it’s clear that the Rockies fan was shouting ‘Dinger!’, the name of the Rockies mascot, dinger being a colloquialism for a home run. The accused wanted to get a picture of Dinger with his grandchildren. The grandfatherly fan remains anonymous as the mere accusation of racism is enough to ruin his life.

The elites will try to fight through accusations no matter how damning. Foreign readers may recall New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Last year the American press broadcast his daily Corona Virus briefings and made him a star. He later won a television Emmy award for those briefings and published a book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Panic, for which he was paid a $5 million advance. Cuomo was supposed to be the anti-Trump, a beacon of hope and confidence. Cuomosexual became a new sexual identity. Such was the narrative set by the Democrats and the media. For over a year both have worked hard to bury Cuomo’s executive order returning Covid sick patients to nursing homes. The order killed thousands.

Cuomo faced impeachment, but not for his nursing home order. In a blistering 168-page report, New York State Attorney General Letitia James alleges Cuomo sexually assaulted or harassed 11 women working for him. The allegations range from inappropriate banter to unwanted touching, including groping an assistant’s breast and running a fingertip down the spine of a New York State Trooper whom he thought was pretty. The governor is facing numerous civil suits and one criminal complaint. Cuomo’s allies in New York Democrat politics have abandoned him. The State Assembly’s Judiciary Committee, which has been investigating the governor since March, anticipated concluding the investigation within ‘several weeks’, according to chair Assemblyman Charles Lavine. Cuomo was given a 13 August deadline to submit evidence in his defense. It looked like the governor was going to fight like mad. Then on Tuesday he announced he was resigning effective 24 August.

That’s the second time this century a New York State Governor has resigned from office. Elliot Spitzer also resigned in 2008 for soliciting prostitutes. Spitzer ran for New York City Comptroller in 2013. He lost. By law Cuomo could not run for governor if impeached and removed. Resigning leaves the door open for another run. Given the standard set by Spitzer and disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner, who ran for New York City mayor in 2013 after resigning from congress in 2011, there’s every reason to believe Cuomo will run again in 2022. He’ll be back.

Some politicians leave office but remain in the spotlight. Obama ‘scaled back’ his 60th birthday bash, they said. The morning of the party, three catering trucks arrived at Obama’s 29 acre Martha’s Vineyard estate. Crews erected a massive tent. Within was a bar, DJ and dance floor. Drinks were served with napkins monographed ‘44/60’, Obama being the 44th president and 60 years old. Annie Karni, a New York Times reporter assured Americans, ‘This is going to be safe. This is a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.’ Few politicians were present but numerous celebrities attended. Some posted pics showing the 44th president dancing the night away with the rich and famous. Not a mask or vaccine passport was in sight. The former president and his party guest’s obtuseness reminds this observer of the pre revolution Bourbons or dare it be said, the Romanovs.

While Obama parties with fellow elites, Dr. Fauci took to the air waves to condemn the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. Right now hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts gather in Sturgis where they talk about bikes, drag race, attend rock concerts and go on bar crawls. It’s a tradition dating back to the 1930s. Dr. Fauci told NBC’s Chuck Todd, ‘Well, I’m very concerned, Chuck, that we’re going to see another surge related to that rally… But there comes a time when you’re dealing with a public health crisis that could involve you, your family and everyone else, that something supersedes that need to do exactly what you want to do.’

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) has clashed with Dr. Fauci for months. Paul, himself a doctor who volunteered at hospitals during last year’s pandemic peak, argues that Fauci is an alarmist. He says that CDC guidance for masks and lockdowns is far too broad. In one memorable exchange this spring, Paul said Fauci’s wearing of a mask after being vaccinated was ‘theatre’. In another, Paul presented documents to Fauci that showed his National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases had dispersed grants that funded gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Paul has said of lockdowns, vaccine passports and masks, ‘It’s time for us to resist. They can’t arrest us all.’

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